Osaka Brand Committee
  Let's get the latest information of Osaka through diagrams and pictures. Know Osaka through diagrams or tables

  1. 90% of the increased number of overseas students in Osaka are from Asian countries.
  2. Osaka provides facilities “Saito Bioincubator” offered by enterprises and has a good occupancy rate.
  3. Osaka has great potential in robot manufacturing. It has integrated the forces of the industry,
    academic and administration circles.
  4. In the recent 5 years, the number of tourists visiting Osaka has increased by 12.61 million.
  5. As the large-scale facilities are repaired and maintained, city greening are also conducted in Osaka.
    The afforested area increases day by day.
  6. The pride of Osaka brands—traditional Osaka vegetables, again won people's hearts.
  7. Osaka has the most registered national cultural buildings (historical heritage) in the country.
  8. The signing rate of Rinku Town is also obviously increasing.
  9. The Saito Life Science Park under construction targets to become an international biological research base.
  10. The number of regions that signed the "Building agreement" is ranked No.2 in the country.
    The Citizen's awarenesses of keeping a good living environment are gradually being raised.
  11. Adopt-a-Program are being implemented and the number of regions implementing the plans tops that of the country.
  12. There is a good development trend for the land use agreement quantity in the harbor regions.
  13. The cases of illegal parking decreased by one half compared to the most serious time.
  14. Criminal behaviors such as street robbery decreases, has reversed the imputation that Osaka as the country’s worst security city was erased.
  15. The number of airlines from Kansai International Airport to China tops that of the whole country,
    even more than that of Narita Airport.
  16. The number of international airlines from Kansai International Airport hit a record high.
  17. Osaka has the Osaka-exclusive top enterprises.
  18. The GDP of Osaka-prefecture can rival that of the main countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
  19. The stock-related financial trading center—Osaka Securities Exchange.
  20. Prosperous investment transactions conducted in Nippon New Market Hercules in Osaka Securities Exchange.
  21. Cheap and delicious—Tap water provided and managed by Osaka government
  22. The income of Osaka TLO (Technology Licensing Office) rockets as the technology transfers increases.
  23. Comprehensive index of science and technology and technical renovation is ranked No. 2 in the country.
  24. The number of factories inside Osaka greatly increases.
  25. The employment situation in Osaka is becoming more optimistic.